UHF Small and Cost on Metal Tag SR-TUP0505

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General Description:

It does a stable and reliable UHF on-metal Tag, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor asset management, the quality of this module is superior to similar products of the same size

Tool management.
IT equipment management.
Metal containers management.
Metal equipment management.
Personnel patrol management.
Fixed asset management.


ComplianceEPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Frequency902-928MHz , 865~868MHz (Can customize frequency)
Chip U 8 ( Can customize tag with different UHF chips)
MemoryEPC 128bits
Read/writeYes (EPC and User)
Data Storage50 years
WarrantyOne year
Dimension5mm(Dia), 3mm(T)
Storage Temperature-30 ℃~ +110 ℃
Operating Temperature-25 ℃~ +85℃
Storage humidity5%~95%
Delivery formatSingle
Installation Method3M300LSE tape (standard)
Weight~ 0.5g
PackageBubble bag and carton
Power SupplyPassive
Drop Test1 meters high, 200 drop test passed
Alcohol test95% alcohol test passed
Gasoline testPassed
High & low temperature shock test-40 ℃ ~ +150℃, 7 cycles, total 48 hours
Temperature cycle test-40℃~+120℃, 7 times cycle time testing, 48 hours total
Read distance on metal surfaceUp to 0.5 meters (EIRP=4W)
Up to 0.1 meters ( With ATID AT880 handheld reader)
RF performance consistency test100% tested by Voyantic Tagformace
Optionspre-encoding, Surface painting

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