UHF RFID Standard Full Box Scanning Channel SR-RUX233

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Product Features

  • High identification efficiency: It can read 600+pcs of tags at a time within 3 seconds.
  • Professional motion control and mechanical design fully solves the problem of tag miss-reading.
  • Compact electromagnetic shielding and radio frequency optimization can eliminate the harm of RF radiation to the human body, and the tag reading accuracy reaches 100% (Depends on the reading environment and performance of tags);
  • The industrial computer software can control the function of the whole machine and monitor the running status. There are also external mechanical buttons, which are convenient for the operators to control the working status of the equipment at any time.
  • The design of industrial plastic mesh port conveyor line fully solves the belt offset maintenance problem.
  • There is maintenance door on both sides, which facilitates the equipment maintenance.
    Optional sorting module for abnormal boxes/goods/items meets the needs of different users. And we support customers to develop secondary software

Product Details

Product Introduction
SR-RUX233 Standard Full Box Scanning Channel is an industrial-grade cart-type RFID acquisition tunnel, which is independently designed and developed by our company. It takes Radio Frequency Identification Technology as the core and combines mechanical design, multiple sensors, electromagnetic shielding, automated control and other technologies. It completely solves the problems such as tag miss-reading or reading the wrong tag in the supply chain, meeting the requirement of high efficiency and accuracy of product circulation. What’s more, the tunnel combines the warehouse management system to completely overcome the shortcomings of barcode management, truly realizing the SKU automated management. And it also saves labor costs and greatly improves work efficiency.

Industry Application:

The tunnel is mainly used for single pieces identification, such as warehouse management of fashion, cleaning, alcohol, electric power industry, comparison of SKU tag and box label, product inventory, etc.


Main Specifications
Air Interface ProtocolEPC Global Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000-6C
RFID Frequency865~868/902~928MHz (frequency customization optional)
RFID Frequency ModeFixed Frequency / Frequency Hopping, 10 Frequency Hopping Points
Reader Output Power5-31.5±0.5dBm
Conveyor SpeedUp to 40m/min
Conveyor Load BearingUp to 80KG
Number of Tag Reading200+pcs
ReaderR2000 Reader
Reading EfficiencyWithin 3 seconds
Reading ModeMotion/Motionless
Operating ModeInterval T cycle / Continuous operation / External trigger
Screen19-inch Resistive Touch (Embedded)
Industrial ComputerI5/4GB
Automatic Conveyor BeltThree Conveyors/ Independent Power Control
Material of Conveyor BeltIndustrial Chain Plate Belt
Programmable ControllerImported
Electronic Control SystemOriginal PLC
Antenna4 Groups of 9dbi Antennas
Photoelectric Switch8 Groups/Imported
Load Capacity80kg
Adjustable Speed of Conveyor0—40m/min
Reversible or notReversible Conveyor
Opening Speed1 second
Dock With Production Line or NotYes
Physical Environment
Total Size (mm)4100 (length) × 1300 (width) × 1700 (height)
Inner size(mm)1500 (length) × 800 (width) × 880 (height)
Front/Rear Conveyor Size (mm)1200 (length) × 960 (width) × 500 (height)
Maximum Passable Size of Box (mm)1100 (length) × 800 (width) × 800 (height)
Weighing ModuleOptional
Sorting ModuleOptional
Total WeightAbout 550KG
Operating Temperature-20℃– 60℃
Storage Temperature-10℃~60℃
Operating Humidity20 – 95% (non-condensing)
Work Voltage220VAC(±10%)50±3HZ
Enclosure MaterialSpray-paint Carbon Steel
Shielding Performance5-10CM

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