UHF RFID Laundry Tag SR-TUW Series

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Product Features

* Can be industrially washed more than 200 times.

* 100% through memory write test.

* Material and design have been tested for reliability.

* 100% tested and passed with the European Finnish Voyantic Tagformace tester.

* Soft washing label customization according to customer requirements.

* Soft, does not hurt textiles, good feeling.

* The chip module size is one of the smallest sizes on the international market.

* It can withstand 60 Bar atmospheric pressure.

* It is one of the few pre-drying processes on the global market that can withstand 180 degrees and 30 minutes and counts 200 times.

Product Details

General Description

UHF washable laundry tags that can be industrially washed more than 200 times. In the case of industrial and medical washing, it can withstand 60 Bar atmospheric pressure, stable and reliable performance, can be installed by sewing and blanching.


* Industrial washing management.
* Linen rental management.
* Standard clothing management and washing management.
* Work clothing rental and washing management.
* Hospital linen and washing management.
* Military clothing and bedding management.
* Railway linen management and washing management.
* Police clothing management.
* Personnel management.
* Access control management.
* Fire-fighting clothing and soft materials management.
* Application of other soft and pressure-resistant products.


Product nameUHF Laundry Tag
Frequency860~940 MHz
ProtocolEPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
ApplicationHotel/hospital linen management
MemoryEPC: 96bits; User: 0bits
Read/writeYes (EPC)
Data Storage20 years
LifetimeMore than 200 wash cycles
Dimension75*15*1.5mm (2.953*0.591*0.059 in) L*W*H
75*12*1.5 mm (2.953*0.472*0.059 in) L*W*H
70*15*1.5mm (2.756*0.591*0.059 in) L*W*H
70* 10* 1.5mm (2.756*0.394*0.059 in) L*W*H
58* 15*1.5mm (2.283*0.591*0.059 in) L*W*H
40* 15* 1.5mm (1.575*0.591*0.059 in) L*W*H
35*20* 1.5mm (1.378*0.787*0.059 in) L*W*H
35*15* 1.5mm (1.378*0.591*0.059 in) L*W*H
TemperatureOperating: -25℃~ +110 ℃; Storage: -40℃~ +110 ℃
Short-Term Temperature1) Washing: 90℃(194οF), 15 minutes, 200 cycles
2) Pre-drying in Tumbler: 180℃(320οF), 30minutes, 200 cycles
3) Ironer: 180℃(356οF), 10 seconds, 200 cycles
4) Sterilization Process: 135℃(275οF), 20 minutes, 200 cycles
Mechanical ResistanceUp to 60 bars
Installation Method1) sewing or put into pouch
2) (option) heat sealing under 215℃@18 seconds with 0.6-0.8MPa pressure
ChemicalsNormal common chemicals in the washing processes
CertificationMRI, RoHS, SVHC, GB18401, EECC, OEKO-TEX100 (Class II)
ColorWhite Color
Read distanceUp to 6 meters (ERP=2W fixed reader)

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