UHF Ceramic Antenna SR-AU-TC4235

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Product Features

* Compact size and light weight

* Easy installation

* Fast and accurate reading speed

* High data security

Product Details

General Description                                                    

SR-AU-TC4235 is a high-performance UHF RFID Ceramic Antennas. It can be widely integrated in many RFID terminal systems such as handheld terminals, access control terminal and kiosks, personnel management, asset tracking and other requirements for the size of the field, it can also be installed on, for example, handheld navigators, tablet computers, etc.

Structure Specifications:

Cable TypeRG316 cable
Ceramic Dim35.0*35.0*4.0
Connector TypeSMA
Cable LengthOutside: 300mm

Environment Specifications:

Operation Temperature-40℃~+85℃
Max. Temperature-40℃~+85℃
Relative Humidity10% to 95% RH

*All the electrical characteristics stated in this datasheet is tested under the below condition:

Temperature: 25±15℃;

Humidity: 65±20 % RH;

Power of the testing instrument: 1uW;

Pressure: (0.96±0.1) X 105 Pa

All data is tested with a ceramic antenna connected to a 70*70mm ground plate and measured in the Microwave anechoic chamber.

Patch RFID Characteristics:

Central Frequency915±6MHz
Max. Gain2.0dBi typ(70x70mm Ground)
PolarizationRight Circulation
Impedance50 Ω

Antenna Dimension:

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