Simplified Industrial RFID Barcode Label Printer GX series

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Product Features

  • Printing method: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer
  • Highest print resolution: 600 dpi (GX6)
  • Highest print speed: 10 ips (GX2)

Product Details


Traditionally, most label printers are classified into lightweight Desktop printers with limited functionalities or heavy Industrial printers with a variety of features. This often leads to a compromise between convenience and performance.

However, the user will no longer have to make that trade-off. The POSTEK GX series printer is compact enough to fit into desktop spaces while maintaining the high-level performance expected for industrial printers.

Within its desktop housing, the GX series printer harbors many of the features dedicated to full-size industrial-grade printers. It also comes with features such as a 4.5-inch touch screen and high precision media positioning mechanism that make the GX series one of a kind.


Small Footprint

Space can be much like time. Hard to notice its importance until it is running out. Measured at only 259 mm (W) x 354 mm (D) x 205 mm (H), the compact size of the GX series printer offers unparalleled advantages regardless of the application

Full Metal Construction

Overall, desktop printers are constructed with a plastic casing for their lightweight and low cost. This won‘t be the case with the GX series printer. Driven by our desire to provide the ultimate user experience and our constant push to break the convention, the GX series printer features full metal construction for a low-noise, smooth printing experience that can’t be found in the industry. The full metal construction not only offers much neededtranquility to crowded office spaces, but its tough, rigid metal structure is perfectly suited for harsh environments in industrial applications.

4.5-inch Touch Screen User Interface

Just like how graphical user interface was predicted to be the future of personal computers, we believe touch screen user interfaces will be an indispensable feature for printers moving forward. The value added through convenience makes a screen one of the most effective tool at increasing work efficiency. That is why the GX series, a printer dedicated to providing unparalleled user experience, features a huge 4.5-inch touch screen. Combined with an advanced user interface daily operations or trouble shooting/maintenance is more straightforward than ever. Empowering the user to spend less time worrying and more time working.

Flip-Up Printhead Module

The GX printer’s printhead module, which includes the printhead assembly, ribbon supply and ribbon take-up mechanisms, can flip up to an upright position, leaving substantial operating space for consumables loading and maintenance handling.

Media Tension Mechanism

To ensure accurate printing, labels and tags come with positional marks such as label gaps, notches, or black marks. The marks are then picked up by one of the two media sensors on the GX series printer to have an accurate idea of where the label or tag begins. If the media comes loose, the real media length between the media sensor and the line of printing will be longer, leading to an inaccurate positional detection.

An innovative built-in media tension mechanism in the GX printer offers continuous tension to the media regardless of the media‘s type or size. Allowing for pinpoint positional accuracy on the GX printers at all times. Since the media tension mechanism has yielded great results for media of all types, we offer an optional user-adjustable media spindle casing that supports both 1.5-inch and 3-inch media cores to take full advantage of the versatility that GX offers.

Adjustable Ribbon Tension Mechanism

As demonstrated in the features mentioned above, we have a strong commitment to user experience and performance. This commitment extends through all aspects of our design. Ribbon tension, one of the most important factors for determining printout quality, is no exception. As different widths of ribbon can be used, improper ribbon tension will have detrimental effects on the printout quality. Ribbon wrinkling or sliding against the media will make the label unusable. To prevent that, we implemented a user-adjustable ribbon tension mechanism that requires no prior experiences or training so you can have the best printout quality in the industry regardless of the application.

Advanced Dynamic Adaptive Precision Tuning (ADAPT TM)

Say goodbye to poor printout quality due to wear and tear on the platen roller, changing of media thickness, or different friction coefficient of media. With the innovative precise calibration algorithm, the best printout quality in the industry can be achieved with a simple automatic calibration process. Providing consistent, precise printout while drastically cutting back on the need for maintenance.

OX Script

Printing without a computer have been possible for a few decades. However, it requires a pre-made templates to be stored on the printer and the template only have one or two parameter that can be modified in real time. With OX script, a POSTEK scripting language based off of python, templates are a thing of the past. Based on various pre-set conditions and requirements, every element of every label in every print job can be different from the one before it and the one after it. Who sets the conditions then? You may ask, and the answer is you do. OX scripts give you the freedom and flexibility to fully customize the printing script to best fit your needs.

RFID Ready

The GX series is unique enough as it is, however, with the addition of an optional RFID package, the GX series really is one of a kind in the industry. Combined with POSTEK’s signature user-friendly design and long list of unique RFID features, the GX series is easily one of the top choices for any RFID application.


Model with RFIDGX2rGX3rGX6r
Print ModeDirect Thermal and Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution203 dpi300 dpi600 dpi
Max Print Speed10 ips8 ips5 ips
Max Media Width4.41”(112 mm)
Max Print Width4.25”(108 mm)4.16”(105.7 mm)4.16”(105.6 mm)
Max Print Length315”(8000 mm)157”(4000 mm)40”(1016 mm)
MPU64-bit, quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 core, maximum operating frequency 1.8 GHz
GPUGC NanoUltra 3D (1 shader) &GC320 2D OpenGL ES 2.0
Memory2 GB DDR4 RAM, 8 GB managed NAND flash
*HEAT™ LevelI
RFID EncoderSupports UHF EPC Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C protocols (Only available for RFID models)
Media RollMaximum Media Width: 4.33” (110 mm)Minimum Media Width: 0.98” (25 mm)Maximum Outer Diameter: 6” (152 mm)Inner Diameter: 1.5” (38.1 mm)
Minimum Label LengthTear-off: 0.2” (5 mm)
Peel-off: 0.47” (12 mm)
Cutter: A150/A400: 0.79” (20 mm) AG120/AG300: 0.51” (13 mm)
Media Thickness0.003” ~ 0.008” (0.08 ~ 0.2 mm), including liner
RibbonMaximum Length: 984.25” (300 m) Maximum Outer Diameter: 2.75” (70 mm)Inner Diameter: 1” (25.4 mm) Ink side: Out
Width: 0.79” to 4.33” (20 mm to 110 mm)
Media SensorReflective (Adjustable) and Transmissive (Two positions)
FontsFive built-in dot matrix fonts, which include Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement character sets. Two built-in scalable fonts. One supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts, and the other is a GB18030 Chinese character set specifically. User downloadable TrueType fonts.
Barcode Types1D Barcode: Code 39, Code 93, Code 128/subset A,B,C, Codabar, Interleave 2 of 5, UPC A/E 2 and 5 add-on, EAN-13/8/128, UCC-128, etc.2D Barcode: MaxiCode, PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, CS Code, etc.
InterfacesRS-232 Serial, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, USB DEVICE 2.0, USB HOST
LCD Display4.5” LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
Power Source100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz
Weight18 lbs (8.2 kgs)
DimensionsW 10.58” (268.8mm) x D 13.88” (352.5mm) x H 7.80” (198.2mm)
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 32° F ~ +104° F (0° C ~ 40° C)Relative humidity: 5% – 85% non-condensing
Storage EnvironmentTemperature: -40° F ~ +140° F (-40° C ~ 60° C)Relative humidity: 5% – 85% non-condensing
Optional ItemsExternal Label Rewinder, External Media Stand, and Cutters

* HEAT™ ( Heating Equilibrium Adaptive Tuning ) Heating Equilibrium Adaptive Tuning, developed by POSTEK, is a cutting-edge technology in heating control of thermal printheads. With HEAT™, the POSTEK printers can significantly improve their performance in the aspects of printout clarity and print speed. The HEAT™ level represents the fineness of the heating uniformity with level I being the finest.

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