125KHz Active Tag Trigger

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General Description:

SR-TT125 is an active tag trigger using oscillation circuit technology working at 125KHz. It is used for wake

the 2.4GHz active tag and turn the active to trig mode. It’s convenient to adjust the trig distance at project

site. User can define different MAC address to avoid mutual interference between different triggers. It

needs to be used with our 125KHz low-frequency trigger tag.


* Integrated design, easy installation and beautiful appearance;

* Effective trigging distance adjustable from 2 meters;

* Wide voltage power supply, DC 9V-DC 24V.

Typical Applications:

* Enterprise fixed asset management;

* Access control;

* Staff attendance, staff indoor tracking management;

* High value asset management.


RFID Parameter
Working Frequency125KHz±10%
Trigger Distance2 meters
Electrical Specifications
Power Consumption< 1.0W
Maximum Currency<200mA
Power SupplyDC9-24V
Product Parameter
Operating Temperature-20~+60℃
Storage Temperature-40~+80℃
Operating Humidity5% ~ 95%(Non-condensing)

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